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Reviewed by: lnicole7772 on: 2020/4/30 17:19:45
Awful!! Ordered chicken & broccoli, sweet & sour chicken and chicken fried rice. My kids tried and said it was "nasty." I tried it and everything went right in the garbage.
Reviewed by: cdomack on: 2020/2/22 17:19:35
mediocre food, delivery was prompt but on one of the entrees asked for white not fried rice and got fried rice. egg rolls a little soggy and greasy.the crab rangoon was a little more chewy than crispy could have been fried about 20-30second more and would have been great. many other places that have better food.
Reviewed by: debbie_b233 on: 2020/1/22 16:55:58
General chose chicken lakes chicken. It was like eating fried fat.
Reviewed by: natassaya on: 2019/7/5 18:51:16
Very rude customer service. Not polite and all. Instead of helping with answering questions about the menu she was speaking in another language and ignoring me. And every question I asked she responded with staying mute and then answering back with an attitude
Reviewed by: ryangym11 on: 2019/5/16 12:28:45
Horrible wait times and food. Don't order from here.
Reviewed by: jeanannnowak on: 2019/4/14 17:55:12
Very good food
Reviewed by: jackiemariesoto on: 2018/9/20 18:20:09
Wow, there must be a different chef. HORRIBLE! The Seasame Chicken was soaked in sauce! It was unable to eat. There were 2 medium size chicken peices put on top of soaked tiny peices of uneatable chicken! The Extra Spicy General Tao’s was just as bad! 3 pieces of chicken, and the rest was just deep fried uneatable! So upset!! The Crab Rangoon was also all horrible.. it’s normally my favorite. It was all Cream Cheese.
Reviewed by: techwriter9to5 on: 2018/9/12 9:44:26
I've been enjoying the wonderful Chinese dishes at China for over 15 years. The food is fresh and made with great spices and care. Their prices are reasonable for their tasty food and truly are a great value for the money.
Reviewed by: makikristi2 on: 2018/6/12 14:48:17
awesome food. timely delivery....definitely ordering again
Reviewed by: irma on: 2018/5/9 18:13:44
I was hoping to give this place a try and was craving sweet and sour soup. Made a big delivery order and my family and I were unable to finish the meal due to the amount of grease used and the one item I wanted, the soup, was neither sweet or sour. I think they may have put just given me gravy with an egg in it. I would like to give this place another try however our first impression was not good.
Reviewed by: rickstimps on: 2018/1/1 16:00:03
I've been waiting for my food for 2 hours now. I called to check on the order and they told be it was out for delivery. This was 20 min. ago. I only live 6 minutes from the place. First and LAST time I will every order from this place. Still not sure if I'm even getting the $40 worth of food I ordered. What a joke. Terrible Business.
Reviewed by: dmccomb67 on: 2017/12/5 19:36:09
This was my first visit here. Was recommended by a friend. After looking at the positive reviews decided to make a visit. The best chicken fried rice I have had in a long time! Great dine-in service. Friendly staff. Lightly breaded chicken complimented the sweet and sour entree. Looking forward to trying their other menu selections on their reasonably priced menu.
Reviewed by: andrew on: 2017/11/25 11:11:46
Very diappointed, This was by far the worst food I have been given in a very long time. Short an egg roll. The rice is burnt and hard, the beef which is supposed to be spice is bland and flavorless. And the pork was cold and flavorless. Still debating just calling the bank to block payment.
Reviewed by: fcf4pets0448 on: 2016-08-03
I ordered on line and that was a mistake, didn't receive my order so I called and was told it couldn't be found, it arrived 2 hours later. I was very disappointed when I found out that I was charged 6.00 more then it was supposed to be. I paid ahead so I didn't notice the charge till it appeared on my bank statement. This was on July 30,2016.
Reviewed by: BowieLover62 on: 2015-06-17
On Saturday, 06/13/2015, I was a guest of Mary and Don's, at your restaurant. I really enjoyed the delicious food on your buffet, especially the General Tso's Chicken. Your wonderful service was so nice to have, too. Thank you for taking such good care of us. My daughter and I, just ordered some more of that delicious chicken, for dinner this evening. I'm really looking forward to it being delivered soon. Thank you, again. Barb Wewers
Reviewed by: amypringle32 on: 2014-04-25
The absolute best Chinese food in town!
Reviewed by: steveroskopf on: 2013-09-29
Consistently good service of tasty food at a very reasonable price. Staff always very friendly. Delivery is always very fast. The lunchtime buffet is an awesome value.
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-08-21
This place has the best Chinese food I've had! They have interesting dishes and everything is high quality with great ingredients and vegetables. This place is a gem!?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-12-19
I'ma recent transplant to the south side, and what a delightful surprise to discover this Chinese restaurant. Fabulous food. Delicious. Fresh. And reasonable.?